Thursday, February 19, 2009

Where NOT to do an MBA :P

I am doing my MBA. I study at SSN and I love it. It has excellent infrastructure,the culture rocks, its ranked among the top ten private colleges in India, and when I say 'I study at SSN' people go 'Oh wow!SSN?!!!' But it's basically an engineering college. There are about 2000 undergrads, as compared to say 200 post grads studyin here.Now its not for no reason that everybody suggests you get your MBA from, lets call it, an institute that specialises solely in MBA, rather than, say an engineering college like mine, even though its considered one of the best. The most obvious reasons are that we must comply with University rules, we cannot tweak the syllabus to gain that 'extra' something that sets us apart from people from places like TAPMI,BIM,Symbiosis, etc (I wont even mention the IIMs). But there are a lot of unsaid reasons too. Some that get us really wild, and some that are hilarious.
For instance, this friend of mine from another engineering college, refers to the MBA students in his campus as 'aunties and uncles'. This irrespective of the fact that most freshers in the PG course would be much younger than him, because he is doing a five year course. The other day he was telling me, 'Hey guess what, our college aunties are playing a cricket match!' Now I never gave that comment much thought until yesterday, because yesterday, WE had a throw ball match, with some of the engineering kids for spectators, and one of the chaps there suddenly reminded me of my friend so much that I had to call for a time out; I was suddenly feeling very very yuck!
Then again there is the case of mistaken age differences. When we approached some third year engineering students to part with their ball for us to 'practice' for the throw ball match, one of the girls gave us one whithering look that made us feel like a cockroach cluster, and said, 'First years right???Wait.It wont kill you.' Then one of us said,'Excuse me..We're PGs' and then Miss Attitude became Miss I-am-your-faithful-junior and apologised with many 'sorry sorry akka!!!'s. Ye, 'AKKA'. Now thats another word that has me terrified these days. I mean, am I really getting THAT old??!!!
There is also this incident that I wish I'd forget asap. A friend and I used to discreetly but, I must admit, quite shamelessly, go 'sigh, sigh' over this super cute guy in our bus. 'Hey we're both wearing blue today' I'd whisper into her ear when he got on the bus, and she'd snap back sayin 'even I AM! Look, BLUE watch'. once or twice we think he caught us giggling. And one day his bag brushed my friend when he walked accross, and he turned to say 'oops..sorry' and my friend was gloating about it for a week. But I should admit, it was not just her. And I wont tell you all the crap I did, simply because this is MY blog :P Then it was exam time, semesters. First semester exams for first years of all streams and we see our dream boy walk towards the same examination block as us! Now we did know he was an engineering student, but we were hoping against hope that he'd be a fourth year..or, atleast, a third year..?! He recognises us, even tries to smile, but I think it kinda froze there, after he saw our expressions. I leave the rest to your imagination as we have conditioned ourselves to forget those terrible, disgusted-with-ourselves times :P We gave up even looking at other boys after that :P
So here we are, reformed :) And my advice to girls , do I need say it ?? But the boys, nothing for the boys :) My class boys are loving it here, Im sure you would too,if you re a guy that is ;)