Monday, October 26, 2009 all of us!

Looking back, these two years would have just swooshed past, but right here, right now, it seems so strange that we have just a week of classes more to go, before we break for the exams. It is a mix of emotions- happiness, warmth, elation; for having met some of the finest people I've ever known; and this heart-tightening feeling...that most of us will not have as much time as we did for others, or be as close to one another as we have been all these days!
And thus, since August 20th, 2008, we have come this far ! Made friends, teased, fooled around, became 'best' friends, fought with one another, all the hostel masti, the sleep-overs..combined studies, class bunking, getting blasted by faculty members,standing up for one another, 'being there' for each other..Growing Up!! Each one of my 58 classmates- friends.. Every single person has made such an impact on me, I will miss each of you very much!
This is my own personalised way of saying it; so.. here goes :) (p.s-There is no particular order I'm following)
Swaroopa (Roo) - One of my bestest friends here :) She taught me how it is possible for a happy-go-lucky kid to actually top the class- hard work always pays!
Deepika- My room mate and good friend :)She taught me how important friends are, how much miracle a hug can do :)
Nisha- what the word 'lady-like' means..she personifies it :)
Badri Another of my very close friends..on what it means, to just 'be there' for matter what, this guy is one person I ve been able to turn to, at any hour of any day :) thanks bum :)
Ramnathan- Another very close friend .. On the power of 'never giving up on friends'.. he has been the 'rock' :)
SandhyaAnother super cool friend :) On how, when you want to change, and make an effort, and eventually do, the world gives you a standing applause, and there is nothing better than that :)
RagavanOn what the term 'genuine concern' for friends means.. this guy .. guru ;)
Preethi On what is.. Unconditional love .. love u Pt :)
PriHow.. Smiling through your tears, colours a different picture :)
Priya(=Chess)How humble can an International CHess player get? Not more than this girl!
VigneshOrderliness=super marks!! His Exam answer papers are fit to be worshipped!
ShankeySensibility, how much more a person can achieve, by talking so much lesser!
ArchanaThe Mother Teresa of our class.. She would help anybody in distress!!
AravindOn how to affirm and re affirm one's view.. Stand by what your heart says!
DavidWho knows the greatest one-liners and the 'timing kalaichifyings' , who makes you feel so special..David, you rock :)
RameshMy jogging partner..Smartness personified! And the venn diagram has another circle eh, Ramesh?;)
SwethaTime manager! This woman.. has time for everything!! TT, books..and major roamings!
BalaOn hard work :)
SaiJananiMiss Networks!!
AbhishekOn how to say .. NO!!
SuriaCreativity .. Personified!!Keep doodling, dude :)
AndalOn family, loves and the 'i CAN do it' attitude :)
ShobanaThe cherub of the class :)A good heart is all that it takes :)
SubaOn what it means to be a 'friend in need' :) I ll never forget that weekend da :)
KarthikaOn how exactly a girl should behave.. modest, calm, no-noise types :)
SelvaThe knowledge bank of the class.. How important it is to be well read :)
JayaOn smiling through everything :)
KarthikDignity, Diligence, Leadership personified :)
RoopashreeThe most self-confident girl Ive known here!
Saravanan SrMr super-smile :)
Saravanan Jr'Possessiveness' ;) How hard good friends are to keep!
RekhaThe most photogenic girl here! :)
ThivagarOn how much fun a student can have sitting in the last-row :P
Ramya Another mix of brain and beauty :)
Lakshmi NarayananOn how, with a little confidence, a man can do anything!
RajanOn how, anything can be thrown away, for achieving your dream in life!
SyedAnna paasams :)
SumanaOn how a cute smile can make your day!
SuvarnaThe perfect, docile girl-next-door :)
HarishThe computer wizard.. 'use your strengths, and use them well, help all with them' :)
Suganya On how one can get places by minding one's own business :)
SriniWho does the best in all that he does, and eventually IS the best in it :)
SrideviWho can have ultimate fun and still top the class..anything is possible!
SripreethiFirst row damsel, most sincere girl I ve known :)
KamalFrom whom I learnt what it means to 'command respect.. it is not demanded, it is obtained' :)
GBWho has mastered the art of winning ;) but those who ve seen him practice for it will know how :)
BiswaThe guy who brings the best best lunch!!!
LawrenceMr Gold Medal :) stormy beneath the surface.. You should hear him in his 'kalaichifyin' element outside class ;)
PavithraThe head strong girl, another good friend, she can defend her stand , in ways nobody would ve known existed!
SinthiyaMiss Hairstlye ;) now that is important too!
RajiMeow! The girl who introduced me to blogging :) taught me many lessons on diplomacy :)
Praseelawho proved the proverb.. 'God helps those who help themselves'
DurgaOne of the most diligent students :)
AnanthuMaster of Multitasking ;)
BanuMiss Pretty pretty eyes!!
AbiramiWho believes, 'wherever you are, do best what you do' :)
Kumar KannanUsing your means to achieve ends.. :P He uses his 'finance boy' status..for what not ;) but thats a secret :P

Love you, all you guys!! :)