Friday, September 25, 2009

The week that was...

Last week had so many things happening..and was over!! And now I look at myself-suddenly, a teeny bit more sensible, mature, wiser..a summary and..the learnings:
* Started off with me, having the worst-ever attack of cold, a horrible shoulder sprain, and a huge task that I had volunteered to do, for the class (ie the placement brochure), and a deadline for the same. Now visualise this: Im stuck alone in the hostel. Almost everyone has left for the weekend. And there was a LOT of work to do..Now I have this thing about asking people for help. But this situation was too pressing. It was like I was inside this cube that was pressing on me from all directions. Awful.
Learning: The world is full of nice people :) We just need to look out for them :) Suba, my classmate ditched her Sunday plan, sat up with me through the night, and helped me through. Harish drove all the way to college, on a Sunday, again, as soon as I made this, frantic, desperate phone call, and we DID finish it!! Love you guys!
*Over a 30 minute lunch, I learned one of the most valuable lessons for life. We have all heard it.. 'Give everything your best'.. But only when we hear it at the right moment, from the right person, it hits you in the head, and you go, ' Ah.. This was what everybody meant!'
Learning: No more resentments. No more, 'Jeez what am I doing here????' Its all a waste of time!
* One of my closest friends left India to go abroad, to study. It was like, suddenly, everyone close to me was leaving! It was downright depressing. Saddening. And even though I tried to act grown-up and everything, it plainly was not working. bad. You cannot meet up as often, you cannot talk as often.. And more than anything, there was this nagging question; 'Will this be the end of everything?'
Learning: 'If you lowe someone dearly, let them go..If get back, they were always yours; otherwise, they never were!' And anyway, thank God for the Internet :)
*We had a MAD session in college.. Make A Difference :P We invited all our faculty over, and we took turns and spoke a few words about each of them, and trust me- we were so happy talking about them, they were so happy listening to us; it was all smiles.. *sigh* :)
Learning: To MAD in someone's life, everyday :)
Thinking about all this, I felt so alive :) Thank God for this life :)*touch wood*