Monday, May 4, 2009

why girls like guys

So here it goes..
(This is an original)
1. The way they ARE there, no matter what
2. The fact that they will move mountains to just see you smile
3. When you put your head on their shoulder, everything is going to be okay
4. The way they hold your hands and cross the road
5. The way they make you believe you ought to audition for the Miss World crown
6. The way they feed you ice cream from their cup
7. They share chocolates!
8. They are okay with you crying into them
9. You dont have to act brave while watching a horror movie with them
10. The way they relish whatever you cook for them
11. Because they will hit anybody who makes a pass at you
12. The way they put their arms around you that sends across the message..’my girl!’
13. They way they sing for you
14. They always manage to get tickets for your favourite movie
15. The way they always make you feel like you are the centre of their world
16. The way they fight with you and make you cry
17. And the way they make up with you, and make you cry again
18. The way they introduce you to their friends
19. The way they say ‘my baby’ and you are instantly transported to heaven
20. The way they put up with your pms and mood swings and tantrums
21. The way they travel 40 kilo metres with your favourite pasta ‘with extra mayo, please’ because you are not in the mood for roti that night (this one is for Pri  )
22. The way they tuck your hair behind your ears
23. The way they pluck flowers off the road to give to you
24. The way they kneel and mouth ‘i love you’


Sowmi said...

I thought I will pick up a particular line in this...... But the entire post is cute....

Sandhya said...

**SNIFF SNIFF** :) Damn cute post di!

Amal Bose said...

soo cute...