Saturday, February 6, 2010

Erm. Yeah, whatever!

This might sound excessively school-girlish, and not just me...Most of my friends are also horror struck by this silly behaviour of mine. I mean, if it has come down to me writing a post about it...! One part of me does feel let down, too. By another part of myself. Ugh.
So it finally happened. The unthinkable. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that a movie adaptation of a book would make me pick that book off the racks and read it. It was one night (another insomnia attack)when this harmless DVD lay within reach and though I was never a fan of this genre of ‘young adult’ stuff, I played it nevertheless.
Though I was reading the Bourne series then, and I never abandon books like this, by the noon next day I had all the four books ready and waiting. Now the irony was that I was very anti-Twilight all this while. Because it was simply NOT for people of my age!! My friend Sandya tried the ‘Shame on you’ trick on me but it did not work. Then I get to the books, finishing them off pretty quick, and as always, the movie paled in comparison. But it was this character that got me all hyper. Of course you all know who it is. Almost all the females who have read the series would be fantasizing about this man-vampire -Edward Cullen.
Now, I’m feeling disgusted. I assumed I was beyond crushes and everything, especially the ‘fictional’ ones. I haven’t had many of those, anyway. My last stable fictional crush was Ron Weasley, when I was in class nine. If you looked into my copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, you would find a faint pink tinge over the letters ‘Ron’ through the entire book. No it was not lipstick. Just colour pencil shading. Yes, I was crazy then. And Now!!
It is kind of alarming. Yesterday I was sitting in my friend Badri’s place. He was away on a phone call for two minutes, and when he got back I was ogling at Robert Pattinson in vampire attire, thanks to Google. That guy so perfectly fit the role! And see, just setting things clear, it’s the character called Edward that I like. And Pattinson just gives shape to the imagination..Like, you get it, don’t you? I might be crushing on Ron Weasley, but not the Ron that Rupert Grint plays. Grint is just an adaptaion I’d make do with, when I’m too tired for imagination. And now, there is this collage of Edward Cullen in posing in varied angles which is my desktop wallpaper. And my mobile phone wall paper. And I am feeling very very dumb with myself.
But I think Edward has gotten himself all this fanfare, because Stephanie Meyer has sculpted him that way. The kind of boy that all girls wish for. The understanding, caring, giving in, protective, possessive guy, who would always be there, no matter what. With just the right amount of give-and-take, just the right amount of jealousy, and trust, ample enough to keep them both going. Yeah, I know what the boys would say-If the girl was worth it, the guy would go to any extent for her. It takes two hands to sound a clap.
But what does ‘worth it’ exactly mean? Somewhere, it all boils down to the one word called love right? Now, that noun is an enigma. It might contain all the feelings that I listed in the previous paragraph, but, I believe, there is something more. Something that would make the difference.
And this term called ‘soul mate’. How would you know who your soul mate is? I mean, it sounds all nice and everything. I, for one, have a good idea of what I want my soul mate to be like. He (yes, soul or no soul, it’s definitely a he) should okay with having lots of animals around the place, like long walks and the beach and travelling, and books, and be a little patient and of course, caring, understanding, etc. But that is nothing to do with the soul, right..Anyway, it is just too confusing, too much of unnecessary thinking more like. I guess it would be nice if he was someone whom I wouldn’t have to put an act, to please, someone who could put up with all my crankiness and still call it cute (gross..I’m getting mushy now. Let us stop here for now) So That’s that. Till then, I’d just get back to dreaming about Cullen.


Meow said...

hehehehe.. i was Anti-twilight for the vampire thingy.. but my sis pulled me into it and am totally Edward Cullen Paithyam lolz.. :D

Roo said...

A glass of vodka !! And thats called the soul mate gitu! Don u agree :P :P :P

Sandhya said...

@Roo- Vodka? :P Chup!! That's a little secret in a sprite bottle :P
GITU!! Macha.. pleache!! ;) Grow up kid! And yesterday you gush over the fact that the fictional character is 'older' than you. Makes me wonder.. are you 13 or ...? LOL
Free free macha, this too shall pass and I hope you get over this.
Peace :D

PS: let me know, once the twilight thingy gets over, we'll go sight adichifying!! :D

PS1: Twilight--Love--Perfect Guy. Enna koduma saar idhu!

PS3: This is your first commercial post :D

Anonymous said...

aw man ! not another gal droolin over edward cullen... hey guys like me included like twilight too... .... i watched the twilight movies coz of kristen stewart ... :P ... she is awesome no !? but cant say if i will get a crush on her after readin the book :P

Prerna said...

good post really (i some how landed on you blog). i am Edward fan too...and i really feel that the actor was an awesome fit into the character...but i'll tell ya something amazing, i watched Twilight and bec of the guy i decided to watch some other movie of his. from imdb i found this movie called 'how to be'. watch it if you wanna surprise yourself with entirely new Robert P in that would conclude that this guy is a perfect actor...