Monday, August 23, 2010

Things that you simply SHOULD do at least once in a lifetime!*

*These are MY views, this is MY list!

•Have a night long phone call with someone whom you can just talk anything with
•Moonlight-beach walk through for hours with a friend, with the water lapping your feet, and crabs scurrying all around
•Shop and shop and shop, then sleep the rest of the day
•Get drunk so much that you cannot hold your tongue anymore, about anything :P
•Ride the bike when it is raining hard, not worried about wet clothes or fever-colds that would follow
•Wrestle for peanuts or something equally insignificant with friends
•Meet school friends and laugh till you start crying, discussing the gone days- getting locked in the rabbit coops, discovering the ‘forbidden terrace’..
•Cheat in the tests, and almost get caught..and never learn from the experience :P
•Play a game of rules-free basketball
•Fall hopelessly in love, dream, doodle, sing, write, dance and cry over it
•Watch movies-rom coms, preferably, back to back, with the girls; and cry and laugh with the characters
•Sit in bed with piping hot chai and a book, with rains outside, knowing you don’t have to work that day
•Cook a meal with friends, and manfully eat it all :D
•Bitch about a bad relationship with the closest friends and feel re-born after the session
•Lick molten chocolate off the foil, fingers, nose and all
•Play hide and seek when you are 22 yrs old
•Throw stones and hit mangoes that are supposed to be off bounds, and smuggle them home without getting caught
• Walk out when yelled ‘Get out!’ at, go lounge at the canteen and run into the HOD over there
•Show the finger at someone who cuts across your path on the road..Or better still, abuse and run!
•Bargain..and win!
•Get thrown into the beach, and get drenched till the teeth chatter
•Walk in the woods, listen to birds, swim in a forest, cook and eat- Survival training!
•Run..without a care in the world
•Bunk college, hoodwink the watchmen and zoom out of college..or jump the walls, almost get caught..and RUN!
•Experience 120 kmph in a two wheeler :D
•Sing the FIFA anthem, out loud, in the road :D
*Sneak out of classrooms; jump walls; vrroom past watchmen..(ahh those days!)
*Have cotton candy in the beach
*Giant wheel!!
*Have a guy tell you he loves you..and means it
*Hug a stranger
*Pet a dog that's hungry for love
*Make somebody smile every day
*Walk in the rain
And well..much much more :)


Someday's dreamer said...

Lets do it da !
Lets keep this as a check list and do as many as possible !!!
What say ?

Anand sambamoorthy said...

AWW tat was a gud one , click to many of the things stated .... for the rest - status pending :-P

Amey Mahant said...

Hey Gitanjali,

As I was reading the list,I was also checking for the amount of Life I have its limits. :-)

Good List,dear...surely can add much much more...

Amey Mahant

Stranger !!! said...

Hmm..Good Blogging :)

rajani said...

+ read a blog post and feel warm and cuddly inside :)

akshaya said...

Yaay! This was posted on my birthday :D :P
I feel stupid after reading this - have done only 2 -
*giant wheel
*singing the FIFA anthem loudly on the road =( my life is a waste..