Monday, August 20, 2012


Goa is such a misunderstood place.

The moment I voiced interest about visiting it, down swooped the parental protection force, spewing me with reasons as to why it was such a dangerous/godforsaken/ crazy place to visit. But in the end, righteousness prevailed ( :D ), and that’s how I set off on one of the best vacations I have ever had till date.

This post will not be an itinerary of my trip; it will not even be a list of the ‘must-do’s in Goa. Goa is a place where one has to simply let go, and find what they would love to do, and trust me, there is something for everyone. This will just be a memoir of my best moments over there. And even though I had been there with a bunch of loud, crazy friends who love to live extreme, most of what I cherish- as will follow, will be self-contained, na├»ve,  simplistic pleasures that I have not experienced anywhere else but here.

Goa has this blessed rent-a-bike culture. For 200 bucks a day, one can have a two wheeler all to oneself, and riding these gave me such a high- because of the scenic beauty that enveloped me. We made the tour in August, which was the fag end of the monsoon, so Goa was at its colorful best. The crowds were minimal, and it was Mother Nature in all her glory. Sudden drizzles would bring forth involuntary giggles. The endless roads were lined, sometimes with mountains-moist and green; sometimes with water bodies- reflecting sunlight, or having birds skittering about the surface; and other times, with fields that have multiple, unimagined shades of green. Every turn that you take would take your breath away, so after a point you get used to the surprise and just try to imbibe as much awesomeness as you can. And there would always be more, coming forth.

Natural wonders apart, there are forts and more forts. And most of them would be set off against the backdrop of a beach. So you have waves, alternating between lazy and brash, relentlessly washing sand off the shore, and not very far off, would be mountains towering over, as if standing guard against the onslaught. Man’s wisdom takes over, here. So we have forts built on these mountains. Watch towers, once, now I just sit on them, and keep watching the waves, over and over, tireless- until one particularly naughty wave rises high up and douses me in salt water.

No two beaches are similar. Only the crowd remains the same. There are rocky beaches, sandy beaches, gravelly ones and vegetated ones. Even the colour of the sand changes from place to place..and then there are the famous beaches, and the friendly, welcoming beaches., and the quiet, untainted beaches. Local trivia led us to more than one un-famous but more calming beach. Soothing, stilling..all the turbulence outside makes you go shhh inside.. And the moment I found a beach-bed, I went shut-eye for a good half hour. That was the best sleep that I had in ages.

Saving the best for the last- Goa is every food lover’s paradise. I spent more on food than on anything else in this place, and I sampled every, every single item that needed to be sampled. Fish, prawn, chicken, pork and squid dominated my preferences- in that order. Pomfrets and King fishes- in every imaginable cooking style, fried or curry, whole or minced..heavenly! Calamari is nothing but squid, made Goan style, and the pork is safe and very common place still. Chicken xacuti, prawn balchaou- sound very appetizing, but they are currys like we make at home..cooked differently, with an imli twang to them. But the best- best of the awesome lot, would be the chicken cafreal that we had at Brittos. Candle lit dinner, great food, medieval setting, great company, with the beach in the backdrop..Does a girl need anything more to keep her happy? :)

PS1- I cant believe I have no food pics :|


Kally said...

Aaaaah!!! this one place is still in my yet to visit list!!!

I would definitely go for it!!!

Nice read...and yeah!! Parents and protection go hand in hand!!

Good one Gitanjali....!!

Food pics yeah!! I shud hv been there to capture all that u ate....parakkarthu, odarthu, neendarthu, odarthu podarthu etc etc n etc!! #vivekjoke :D

ganeshputtu said...

looks like you had a Great trip..although you seemed to have missed out a few other things to do- like the Dolphin hunt/sea sports and trip take some experts with you...i second Kally in saying that- we would love to come along with you when you hit Goa next time- he as official photographer and me as official tour guide

Ashwini C N said...

I've been to Goa too and I agree with what you've said. It's the exact kind of place you would want to relax and chill out. :-)

Soumya said...

Oh yeah Go-A!!!

That's the place which listens to me. Always. You feel lighter once you are back from there. I did, did you?

mahesh said...

Hi Gitanjali,

Lucky you :)

Nice trip, good photos but no souvenirs :(?

Plan your Kolkata trip nice and let me know before you go, I will send you a to-do list :)


gitanjali said...

kalyan- Hee yeah dude, like I told you the other SHOULD! Go in october!! We might go again :P ange paakalam :D

gitanjali said...

@ the good doc- No water sports this time because its off season - because the tides are still recovering from monsoon :( next time, definitely :D

@ Ashwini- Totally! :) :)

gitanjali said...

@ Soumya- So true, dude..Felt a lot lighter, like cloud walking; the first few days..then the monotony of routine got me depressed :P

gitanjali said...

@Mahesh..Hehe, yeah, no souvenirs because..well, no souvenirs :P I will do that, Kolkata in pipeline ;) i shall let you to book the tickets first :|

gareth batty said...


One Word - "Mouth Watering Blog" You made my mind think again.One thing to tell you that i am very foody person & 2nd thing i loved so much goan food..I am visiting goa almost every year during Christmas.

Thanks again & good luck
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