Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Conclusions about Men

Men...*sigh* Till some time back, it used to be 'boys', but then, hey, how school girlish!But its not always *sigh*..now, for instance, its *screw 'em*. Sometimes it goes *what WOULD I do without them!!!* and other times I go, *No More Boys..leave me alone!!* 21 years of co existence, friendships, crushes, falling in, and out of love, fights, apprehensions, laughter, tears, and today the conclusion, reverses to, 'men-can't live with them. Can't live without them either!' So here goes, 21 years worth gyan about them:

  • I trust most of my guy friends more with 'secrets' than the gals. Super trustworthy.
  • Can fall back on them. When I haven't prepared for a difficult test and Ram or Badri says 'kavalaipadathe, will hold a place for you next to me..naan irukkaen ille!!' I know I'll clear it.
  • Caring. Considerate. I don't just get blasted for skipping lunch, but get treated to something even better than whatever they serve in the mess.
  • No backstabbing. In fact, they stand up for you.
  • Genuinely protective. ' You're not going out wearing THAT!' is my brother's favourite one liner.
  • They go out of their way to set things right. When I was into some deep shit, Arjun said 'I ll take care' and he did.
  • They do whatever is within their means to help you. Hari and Kailash would patiently text back solutions to the dumbest doubts I asked, days before my TANCET entrance exam.I scored a rank in that eventually.
  • They never discourage you. Saran let me ride his Splendour when I suggested I give it a try, and I eventually did, in second gear that too!! ;)

So much about the chocolately stuff. Here goes the other side of the coin:

  • Ego maniacs they are. 'So you're my side or his??????'
  • Unpredictable. One moment you would be laughing with them, the next, you would be wondering what on earth you said wrong for them to go,'how could you say THAT?????'
  • Possessive!! Nothing to explain in that!
  • Communication gaps. Suggested follow up reading :Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, John Gray.
  • You never get to know whats running on their minds. Only when they start snapping at you, you realise, 'Omg..somethings wrong!'
  • Sometimes, out comes the chauvanist. 'YOU play football????'
  • This is the best: after two days of connaisance, 'I think I like you'...RUN!!!!!

hahaha.But what ever said and done, boys-men, what ever would we do without them!!! To all the boys in my life, people..you rock!Lowe you :)


Ananth said...

ada [:)]..i never knew that u will write this much :p but dont join this in

Sometimes, out comes the chauvanist. 'YOU play football????'

[:D]... i am just giving u a compliment ...way to go geet..carry on.. [;)]

gitanjali.j said...

hey ananth that was a comment by someone else..3 years back!!! it was a sarcastic remark ;) YOU'd never tease me like that, I know!! :)

Sandhya said...

Men :P nice one..

irfaan merchant said...

i jus came across this blog and voila...this post is super duper,extremely great freudian analysis.. i think every fact is superbly put...

gitanjali.j said...

hey thanks irfaan !!