Tuesday, December 30, 2008

To My Best Friend

Whenever things went wrong and I was feeling down,
There was this friend, whom I could always count on;
Gone, he is not around anymore, though,
He meant a lot to me, I do miss him so!

I miss the laughter, the jokes, the tears,
The confidant who’d always erase my fears.
I miss the yells, the scolds, the fights,
And of all, the ‘lowe you’ good nights!

I miss all the planning and the pep talks,
Crushes, guilt, mistakes and other secrets, locked...
I miss the long hours of aimless chatter,
All the teasing and the friendly banter.

I miss the car rides, bumpy and racy,
The “Psst! check him/her out” over a cuppa coffee.
I miss the advices and the criticisms; true,
I miss everything, and I truly miss you!

For the days and months and years shall pass
But memories of times with you will always last;
You gave me some times that’d be, forever indelible,
And you’ll always remain one person, never substitutable.