Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind

Random stuff that has been swirling around my head past few days.
A woman can intuitively sense it when her man means what he says, when he doesn’t. When he lies and when he is faithful. When he ‘goes into his cave’ and when he wants to talk. But why, why can’t a woman just KNOW for sure that it would click with someone when she sees him for the first time? We can’t go wrong with the secondary aspects. But we stumble so much when it the primary aspect in question.

Why is it that the closer we get, the more we fight? Differences that never mattered get highlighted. Trivial things achieve volcanic proportions. Why is it that people act cool with everything in the beginning- and then all of a sudden, have a problem with the same issues?

Why can’t men say what they have in their mind? And then there are all these jokes about how a woman means yes when she says no, and says no when she means yes. The biggest joke of all is a man who has a song in his heart and cannot bring himself to sing it. Sometimes he might hum it and give us hope. But there it ends.

Why is it drilled into our head that it is the man who has to say it and never the woman? Why can’t we bring ourselves to change it?

What is the best thing that can happen to you?

Why can’t we bring ourselves to be happy with what we have? Why do have to keep wishing for more? Screw motivational theories. Where did all the “self-motivation is the way” go?

Why is it that the greatest happiness comes from the smallest things?

Why is it that the most unachievable things seem so important..and once you do reach them- they seem so banal?

“Dissatisfaction is the nature of existence. Unanswered questions are the only answers.”- Karan Bajaj, Keep off the grass (highly recommended)



meswamy said...

if some one knew answers to all these questions,

His/Her life would be boring without problems,

is better to have problems, which can be later solved,n dat makes life interesting :D

Eliminator said...
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Eliminator said...

men are from mars, women are from hell. :p on a more serious note, we are solitary animals, like a male elephant.. Notice that only in India, do we guys hang out together without girls. And when we do, the conversation spirals and settles down on the only topic. Girls. Kinda like the male elephant who gets kicked out of the herd, and form small groups themselves. Blink!!

gitanjali.j said...

meswamy- point taken :)
Gautham- we were made from a man's rib they say :P and- your comment did have a Blink moment. It was gone when I re-read it ;)

Kimberlyds said...

really nice article :)
Check out the book "men are from Mars, Women are from Venus"
Its a great one!

gitanjali.j said...

@ Kimberlyds- thanks for dropping by! :) yes I've read it- must read that book is :P