Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My mum’s favourite lines

Carefully picked from my mum's repository. My reactions to all these would vary from defiant stare to tearful sob to indifferent eye-roll.
  • I think we got the wrong baby home from the hospital.
  • Did I bring you up to think and act like THIS?
  • Where did I go wrong with you?
  • Why of all the girls in the world are only YOU like this?
  •  I think this is God’s way of testing me.
  • I need strength.
  • No sane mother will put up with all this.
  • May be I did a lot of paavam in my previous jhanmam.
  • You are old enough. You are not a child anymore.
  • Look at your hair.
  • Are you going out wearing THAT???
  • Did you look at the mirror?
  • You need more clothes?? No, seriously?
  • Don’t you have anything else to wear? (the answer will trigger the previous line. Vicious circle)
  • I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Tell me again. Why?
  • Are you mad? You need to meet a shrink.
But her favourit-est one, whatever said and done:
I have the best daughter in the whole world!!!! :D
Aww. Love you ma :-)



Soham Sabnis said...

Awesome post Gita! ARE YOU A THIEF? you are stealing our feelings and wrapping 'em up in a blogpost! Good Job...

Moonlight said...

Nice one :) I think every mother of a daughter feels and says all those things at some point of time! And my reaction is always an indifferent eye roll... coz I know she'll come to that last and best words eventually :P

AKSHAYA said...

Awesome!!!! XD XD Super like!! XD XD

gitanjali.j said...

@ Soham- That's mighty rich, coming from you- Thanks :D
@ Ishwarya- Lol, yeah. Im thinking, another twenty years and how it would feel from the other side of the fence ;)
@ Akshaya- heh heh, I kNEW you'd say that ;)

Aragorn said...

Seems like most mom's have a common pool of one liners which they use. Must be the damn tv serials ! ;)


Stranger !!! said...

Super Like ! Simple, yet brilliantly composed :D

Anonymous said...

Ah. Mothers. But for the things they put up with, they should probably be knighted. Or given sainthood, considering I can be one hell of a problem child.

Moms are awesome. :) Great post.